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Lil Chef's Corner

Be Kind to One Another

Mentoring has become a lost art. Having benevolent counsel is still very important. Having a Mentor offers an easier, better and more focused path. Mentors can offer insight that only experience can teach. We at Skye Café have set out on a mission to offer hands on approach and be actively involved in giving time to teaching and leadership training. Offering Encouragement, Honesty and help to highlight Strengths and Weaknesses. We are Currently working with Entrepreneurs of all ages to help define and accomplish their goals.

Community Engagement

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Skye Café has created an outlet for our Mentees to practice their skills by allowing them to Create new ideas and help guide them to bring them to action. The Month of March Lil Chef’s Corner is Presenting Mario Oeler at Friday Night Bites held at the Bridgeland Lakeland Village Center. Mario will perform a Pizza Demonstration with the help of Sydney Skye the daughter of Lena who is an inspiring business owner at age 7. Her role will be to teach children the basics to making great Pizza.

Mario has been working with Skye Café for the past two months. He brings his skill set of working in the food industry for the last four years along with being born into a family of restaurant owners…Mario himself studied at culinary arts school.

Evan Harrison, our wine sommelier, along with our resident artist continues to work with Lena to initiate and create the arts and crafts of the little chief’s corner. Keep your eye out for additional exciting events to come.

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